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©2015 by Designs by Laura Burger. All Rights Reserved.
Thank you for purchasing my designs! I hope you enjoy working with them. I have provided contact information at the end of this License Agreement.
By purchasing and/or downloading Designs by Laura Burger (“Graphics”), you are obtaining a license to use the Graphics. Use is limited to the license agreement given with the product. This agreement applies to all materials created by Designs By Laura Burger (Laura Burger) and you agree to be bound to this license. Satisfactory payment for the use of Designs By Laura Burger (Laura Burger) is mandatory for you to obtain the rights to use the product. Samplers and/or *Freebies* are included in this Terms of Use License Agreement. Store Collaborations are Personal Use Only unless stated differently on preview.  If the product preview does not say S4H your license is for Personal Use Only.
If there is a product that you would like to use for S4H please contact me directly and we can discuss this matter and costs involved.
You are granted and bound to a single-user, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Graphics as follows:
– You may copy the files to an external hard drive, computers in your home and make backups on DVD or CD solely for your own personal use. You may not share any backups with any other person.
– You may create your own layouts for your own personal (Non-Commercial) scrapbook albums, gift giving, altered art projects, including hybrid so long as they are provided in flattened format (.jpg). When submitting to online web galleries, magazines, newsletters, publications, and the like, copyright credit is appreciated , credit to the designer, Designs By Laura Burger and whenever possible a link to the product should be included. Your finished piece must be displayed online at a resolution of 72dpi and be no greater than 1000×1000 pixels.
– You may Resize, Re-color, and otherwise change these graphics to suit your personal creative needs.
– You may use this product to create scrapbook layouts, albums, gift giving, hybrid projects including, but not limited to, candy wrappers, invitations, letterhead, business cards for your small home based business provided you:
– Provide your customer with a flattened image (.jpg) or printed format.
– Make no more than 50 copies of the final project for your customer.
– Contact me for a case by case basis if not listed within this Terms of Use License Agreement.
– You may not use the Graphics for web templates, web design, e-mail templates, signatures or any other form of electronic/web based design, or anything mass produced.
– You may not change the Graphics in some way to then claim them as your own. Do not use my designs to create your own designs (you may NOT use any part of this design as a design tool). An example of incorrect usage would be using a paper to create other papers for sale. None of the Graphics may be used to create another digital scrapbooking product for sale.
– You may not resell, redistribute or loan the Graphics in any way, shape or form be it via email, download or otherwise even if you are not doing so for profit. This is a strict violation of the copyright law. This includes but is not limited to brushes, shapes, styles, tubes, sharing via online groups such as Yahoo of any kind or download file sharing sites such as 4Shared. – Please direct those interested in the product back to where you obtained the product. This includes other members of your small home based business. Each must purchase the product! If you are a family and not working for profit (Non-Commercial), please feel free to use these products on any computers in your home. Do not share with any members outside your household.
– You may not sell the Graphics for any templates for sale – this includes templates of any kind.
– You may not make freebies with the Graphics.
– You may not use brag books, quick pages or any other pre-made pages for your customers unless the product provides S4H on it and you abide by these Terms of Use.
– You may not use the Graphics to create a logo or trademark.
– You may not use the Graphics to create Quickpages for your customer to insert their own photos. Flattened (.jpg) or printed files only.
– You may not use the Graphics on online auction sites such as, but not limited to, Ebay, Print on Demand services such as Cafe Press.
– You may not use the Graphics in mass production.
– You may not use the Graphics to create anything to promote or signify anything illegal or obscene in nature, nothing pornographic, racist or hate related. I take a firm stance on these subjects!
All files enclosed are print quality and saved at 300 dpi

This license is not intended for large businesses or re-distributors. A commercial license does not give you the right to use these products in any way that you wish, please abide by all commercial licensing rules. Before you purchase please be sure to carefully read the terms that you will be agreeing to. Thank you!

-You May Use my CU Products for personal use, s4h/s4o
-You May Recolor, trim, cut for your commercial projects.
You May add my CU as is in your element packs or kits as long as it’s for sale and there are no more than 25% of the product used as is.
-Use these products in your photography ( if stated on the preview), scrapbooking and/or design business to the extent listed below:

-Create custom greeting cards, candy wrappers, layouts, invitations and other printed materials for your customers provided that they are finished pieces.
-This means that you may sell items that are printed but you may not sell a download or cd of any kind.

-You may use products incorporated into your designs to create scrap kits but may not be resold as a stand-alone product, element packages. You may not make brushes, rub-ons, or include in a kit for redistribution.

-Credit is appreciated but not required.

-You may use samples created with Designs By Laura Burger products in your galleries and portfolios.

-You may use the graphics in your web design projects providing that proper credit is given on the website (graphics by Designs By Laura Burger and linked back to
All website design must be for family friendly websites only. No indecent websites will be tolerated.
You must also purchase a license to use any created graphics on any eBay page.
-You must also give credit to (graphics by Designs By Laura Burger) for those pages.
We reserve the right to request this list at any time.

No Credit Required to Designs by Laura Burger but if you do, I would really appreciate it.


-YOU MAY NOT add to freebies as it is, you have to be creative, add some glitter, brush or whatever before you add my CU to your blog freebies. They need to changed up for a freebie.
– Not to be used to make styles, overlays, textures, brushes, shapes, actions, doodles, templates etc…
– DO NOT use these to create products you sell for Professional Use by other designers

– YOU MAY NOT include any of my CU products in layered templates for CU OR PU
-Claim these graphics as your own either in their original state, or in an altered state.

-Offer downloads of the kits/graphics in any way shape or form. Distribute these graphics in any format except for the uses defined above.

-Print or have printed any of the original graphics, papers or kit pieces to sell in stores on websites or on ebay.

-Share these files with friends, family, etc. Please feel free to direct them to the store where you purchased your product.

-Sell these graphics through any means in their purchased format.
-You may not sll any of the files for commercial use products

This license is intended for small businesses only.

For further information please contact Laura Burger at

STEALING COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS A CRIME. Thank you for abiding by my terms of use!
Designs By Laura Burger is not responsible to any person, organization or business for any loss and/or damages incurred from the use of Designs By Laura Burger’s products.
All Graphics available through Designs By Laura Burger are protected by United States and International Copyright Laws.
Please contact me in the following manners with any questions you may have about this License Agreement, to share what you have created with the Graphics or just to say hello!:
Thank you again for your patronage and following this Terms of Use License Agreement.
Laura Burger
This license is subject to change at any time, with or without notice.

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