Believe in Yourself – New at Pickleberrypop and On Sale

I felt the need to start this project a few months ago because I knew that I was going to have to believe in myself. There was a lot going on in my life and it was going to test me. So, getting artsy and having fun was my way of relieving some of my stress from real life. Check out all the layouts by the creative team as they will inspire your creativity and you will believe in yourself.

You can find this at my Pickleberrypop shop and on sale for a limited time. All products are in separates for those that like to buy what they like.

And now for some amazing layouts done by the team, should give you all some inspiration to do a layout that has meaning for you.

I hope you have an amazing week, for me I got some great news today. Mom will be coming out of rehab on Thursday and I at this point don’t need another surgery and going to work hard to move my arm like it should move.


Enjoy Laura



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Digital Scrapbook Designer @ PIckleberry Pop Shop , Memory Mixer and Panstoria.
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