New Month, New Pickle Barrel – $1 Product – FWP on 6-pack

I know you all just got done maxing out the credit cards after iNSD but you wont want to miss this one. Everyone I joined in for these wonderful colors that Pickleberrypop picked for this month. They were happy colors for me, inspired me to make a product called Simple Pleasures. It represents some of simple pleasures I have and hope you also have. You can get this only at my shop at Pickleberrypop shop and on sale only through Friday at this pricing.

So now on to the  6-pack with has the FWP – an extra fun set of elements and all the single packages if that is your thing which are all marked at $1.00.

Also check out the challenges at Pickleberrypop!

The creative team had fun with this one which always makes me happy to see them have so much fun.

I hope all you Mother’s day an amazing day last Sunday! I relaxed as much as I could. I would like to also thank all that sent me well wishes personally for the shoulder surgery and well wishes. I can say I am doing really well and doctor has taken me off the sling which makes me very happy. Now it will just take therapy to get the strength and flexibility back to the left arm. Very thankful I got this done well before summer starts here.

Enjoy your week everyone and I will be back soon with new goodies.


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