Blog Post on Scrapbooking Styles by CTM Ravelle

Blog Post on Scrapbooking Styles by CTM Ravelle

I admit it!  I was originally a paper scrapbooker.   That is until 2007, when I discovered digital.  At first I found it a difficult transition.   I had to learn Photoshop Elements and then when I figured it out all my layouts looked like paper scrapbooking pages only done digitally, they seemed flat and all my photos were square or rectangular (I still had an issue with cropping photos, who knew there was such a thing as clipping masks).  I often felt embarrassed that mine were so “boring” but then I started trying my hand at the various challenges and tutorials offered at different Scrapbooking sites and bookmarking my favorite scrapbooking pages.  I loved the copycat challenges, because it gave me a chance to try a totally different style.  Much has changed in the scrapbooking world in the past 9 years and what seemed so terrifying in the beginning now inspires me.  I no longer judge my layouts against others, but whether or not I feel comfortable with what I created.  Given that there are so many different styles out there, I thought I would take a minute to highlight a few:

First, I want to say, there is nothing wrong with continuing to use a traditional look.   Classic, clean and simple is like a Chanel Jacket, it never goes out of style.   Scrapbooking is about using photos and telling stories.  So traditional pages normally feature photos that are square or rectangular and use solid or patterned paper backgrounds with embellishments kept to a minimum.  That does not mean boring; it means that the photo and journaling are the stars of the layout.
The layout to the left is, entitled “Yosemite” and uses a pocket template style to mimic the paper scrapbooking process of using clear plastic page protectors divided up in a variety of pockets that you use to slip-in photographs, journaling, or memorabilia.
(Credits: My Project February Scrapbooking Kit by Designs by Laura Burger).
One of my favorite styles is what I will call Vintage or Heritage.  Some people call it grungy, some shabby chic.   It’s a well-worn, well-loved look, often including torn paper, distressed edges, lots of ephemera. Photos are often on top of many layers of materials, they can be blended or black and white. Clusters include embellishments that look like they were your grandmothers including, metal accents, ribbons, fiber, string, and vintage looking alphas.
The layout to the left is called the “Joy of Spring” and uses layers of journaling cards, torn papers, blended scatters to give a grungy feeling around the photo of my niece.
(Credits: Beautiful Imagination Kit
By Designs by Laura Burger)

One of the newest hottest styles is Art Journaling.  Art Journaling is similar to mixed media in the art world.  It is artsy, imperfect, non-linear, colorful, graphic and has handwritten or bold journaling (quotes, poems even song lyrics).  Usually Art Journal scrapbook pages are filled with collages, colors, dripped ink, paint splatters, stamped images and may not include photos at all.  They are more often than not about thoughts and emotions and feel very personal.  I don’t usually do Art Journaling, but I thought it would be fun to try my hand at it when there was a recent challenge at one of the scrapbooking sites.

So, if you are just starting out or feeling like you are in a rut, maybe your mojo for the moment is gone, try scrapping in a totally different style, you never know what will inspire you and get your juices flowing.  Remember there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook!



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