This Kind of Sale Won’t Be Back for 4 Years – Plus Retiring These Products

Yes I am talking about Leap Year! An extra day so that we can keep our modern day Gregorian calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun. And for me it gives me one extra day to maybe get caught up with all the little things I didn’t get to this weekend 🙂 

So you ready for a sale? You can find this sale at my Pickleberrypop shop.  Five kits all marked down to  $2.29 for this one day and once March 1st is here all five will be retired to make room for new products. 

Enjoy your extra day and I will be back with new product or something fun later this month.


About Laura Burger

Digital Scrapbook Designer @ PIckleberry Pop Shop , Memory Mixer and Panstoria.
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