Perfection is a Tricky Little Beast

Kat here for this weeks blog post –

Perfection is a tricky little beast.  I know that when I began traditional scrapbooking, perfection was my enemy and prevented me from getting anything done!  I was always so worried that if I stuck down a sticker or embellishent in the wrong place, I would want to try and move it and I wouldn’t be able to.  Luckily I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking and now I don’t have to worry about anything being permanent or not perfect because I can just fix it.  But, where perfection becomes a problem is with the photos I choose to use for my scrapbooking.  I kept thinking I only would scrap the perfect photos – the ones I was proud of, the ones that made me smile when I looked at them.  But, it hit me, life is not always perfect and neither should the scrapbooks that reflected on my life be.  So, I began using all kinds of photos – ones that didn’t look quite right, where something was blocking someone’s face, maybe the blurry ones, or even the one where someone was not smiling!  I found that those were the pages that had the best stories that went with them.  The funny pictures that you almost delete from your computer but don’t because for some reason you want to hold on to that memory.  So, I scrap a little bit of everything.  Of course I scrap the ‘perfect’ photos, but I also scrap the ones that make me laugh, the ones that make me remember a funny moment in time or the ones that show my family is human and certainly not perfect!

 Photo 13 – shows an imperfect photo with a great story.
Photo 15 shows a great photo with an imperfect story.

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2 Responses to Perfection is a Tricky Little Beast

  1. Linda says:

    Great article Kat and so glad you scrap the “imperfect” photos too as they are fun to see. We all can relate to them for sure!

  2. Ronna says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one using the imperfects to illustrate my family’s life! Like you, I think some of the best memories and some of the funniest moments are captured by those imperfect photos. And sometimes that imperfection is even what defines the moment–the stuff of our “real life.” Thanks for sharing!

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