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I have been away from blogging on my own blog and have been using my CT’s blog to post at. But it was finally time to sit down and redo my blog and add some fun facts, great sites, fun finds, freebies from time to time and also to use to showcase my designs. Oh and lets not forget about some about my real life.
I will start out with some recent kits that I have added to both my Gotta Pixel and my ACOT stores. Since I so love the beach and miss it too, being born
and raised in California I made my to date most favorite beach element and paper pack.
And once I got all into the beach kit, I figured I would do some summer heat related items and it grew into my Heat Wave project, both again you can find at my 2 stores.Then I was ready to make a kit that was unique and different and started playing with some optical illusion’s kind of things and came up with my newest kit – Unique Impressions. I love that it different and I also love the colors, they can be used for so many different types of layout.

You can see that I used two of the above kits to do layouts. This is something I have not be doing enjoy in my life and the reason I started designing in the first place. So I am thrilled that I seem to be getting back on track! Not sure what my next project will be but I feel the urge to do some love – girly type papers and we will see where that leads me.

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Digital Scrapbook Designer @ PIckleberry Pop Shop , Memory Mixer and Panstoria.
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