Holiday Freebie – Just in time for the Holidays

I have made 4 different little pillow boxes and ATC boxes from my Holiday Magic Kit. I know I will using these for some of the little presents I have planned for this holiday. As much as I enjoy wrapping, these are just to easy – print on cardstock, cut and fold and your all done.

Since I want this to be a bit of a Holiday Surprise for you, I am not attaching a preview – download and enjoy.

Keep your eyes open as I will have a new kit to show you very very soon!

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Dollar Tuesday – Retiring 4 Items

Well blogger and I are not getting long with the photos tonight –
But I did want to share with you all that these 4 products will be
put into the Dollar Pixel sale at Gotta Pixel for Tuesday only!
And after wards they will be retired at the store – So if you like them grab them!

And watch the blog I hope to get up a nice freebie for you within the next week! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone – Black Friday Sales

Today is always such a special day for me. When I was a child we would get so excited that we got to see relatives we didn’t get to see very often. Mom was always in the kitchen cooking like a mad lady! Then Aunt Gloria would be helping to make the gravy. Grandma always brought the pies, that you could just die for. Through the years things have certainly changed. But now we have new traditions! John does his turkey on the BBQ, I have to make my dressing (just like Mom’s) we have all the little extras on the table. And we always have some type of family with us. This year my son and his wife came for dinner. It was yummy and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I ate way too much and I will regret it later today. But for now I am stuffed, thankful for so much I have in my life, the family I have, the love I feel for them and that I am leading a great life. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

I hope that you all have had a great Thanksgiving!

All my stores will be on sale through Sunday! So don’t miss the savings!
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Holiday Magic – new Kit in Stores

Each year when the leaves have fallen, there seems to be a bit of Holiday Magic in the air. You start to singing your favorite Christmas Song . Thinking of all the baking you have ahead of yourself. Well this kit represents part of the Holiday that I think are magical each in there different ways. So here’s hoping you use this kit of make some of your own magical layouts this holiday season.

You can find this kit at all my stores – Gotta Pixel, Digitals and A Cherry On Top

Here are a couple of my Creative Teams Layouts using this kit.

And lastly as we enter the Holiday Season and Thanksgiving right around the corner, I hope you all sit down and make a list of the things you are thankful for. I know with the economy that there are a lot of families hurting, I pray that things will turn around for your family.

My top 10 things I am thankful for this year
1. Having my family
2. My dear husband that is supportive
3. Still having a business
4. Having long time friends
5. The making of some new friends
6. My Health
7. Having a house to live in
8. The love of my animals
9. Gain a new family member
10. Being able to live my life my way

Happy Holidays everyone

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Dollar Pixel Tuesday at Gotta Pixel

Well I decided to put a couple of my first overlays on sale for a dollar since I had a few requests. So grab then on Tuesday at a huge savings. There are a total on 4 different overlays being offered this week Just the Back 1 through 4. You can find all of these at my Gotta Pixel Store.

Also if you want to be informed of sales and new products please use the email me for the newsletter feature and I will add you to my list.

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