New Products: Pickleberry Pop:Commercial Use:On Sale

I have a lot of new items to show you all this week. I will start off with the new commercial use products. Remember that I do not require credit on the CU items. All on sale now! And only at Pickleberry Pop.

Seems like it has been such a long time since I released new CU products. I think your going to love the Vintage Paper YoYo flowers, these were photographed by myself and extracted. These are the rage and I love the whole vintage  look to them.

Next is Doodle Art Set 3 – Again I love playing from time to time in Illustrator and here is the result of my playing off and on for weeks. I hope you enjoy. I have added 2 different leaves for you to add to the doodles or to play with alone. I hope you find these doodles useful like you did with Set 1 and 2.

Lastly this week in commercial use product is Layered Patterns. This is the first of my layered patterns in psd format. Again I had fun playing with these.

Next you can find Radiant Spring in Kit format with the additional add on’s in the shop, if you missed them earlier this month.


I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and make the most of every day.



From the Desk of Marilyn – All About Printing

Printing…the most asked question on every board I belong to. Where to print, what size, followed by do you print in book form (photobook) or individual pages. I will tell you how I do mine and hope that you gain some insight for these burning questions.

As for printing, there are a plethora of places. A few of my favorites are Persnikerty Prints, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Costco, Staples, and My Publisher. I have used each of these with great results. They all offer great deals throughout the year, so I recommend you register at each of your favs so you are informed of those special offers. Remember when creating your layouts that you may lose a a small bit of the layout on all sides in the printing process so don’t put anything important like journaling or photos right next to the edge of your layout just in case.

For me, which method of printing depends on the project. I’m a daily scrapper and I produce many layouts every year for my 5 grandchildren. I print these in book form twice a year at the establishment that offers the best deal! Right around Easter/Mother’s Day and October/November times seem to have the best offers. Using this twice-a-year method of printing keeps my books in the 60-70 page range and helps ease the sticker shock value of printing all at once.

I print individual pages when I have special pages for family or friends that I am going to frame, pages that I’m unsure of the order they should be in, or when I have purchased a specialty album cover that I want to place pages in.

I create my pages using My Memories digi software in 12×12 size, and I have my books printed in 8×8 size as it saves a bundle in printing costs and still looks great. When I print individual pages I print in 12×12. There are many printing size options so select the one that works for you.

You should upload your pages in the highest quality so the printer has the best to work with.

To print custom layouts for your books, choose the full-page layout for each page in the album. Then you just drag your layout onto this page just like you would if you were adding a photo. Many people think they have to use the pre-set layouts that are offered, but this is not so. Each one of my favorites above has the full-page selection, but you may have to scroll down or go to the next page of offered layouts to find it.

It’s such a treat to receive my albums in the mail. I’m always amazed at the quality and how vibrant the colors look in print as opposed to on my screen.

I hope I have provided some answers for you and given you a little insight for your printing needs.

Happy Scrapping!