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I am so sorry that I issued a coupon for Gotta Pixel and didnt realize that I was broke some cardinal rules. My shop there will be  SO ON SALE on the 3rd of May and ONLY the 3rd of MAY for a saving of 40%.  After that I will be closed down for good! Don’t miss  this sale! But until then  everyone can  use the following code Final50%LauraB at Pickleberry Pop for a saving of 50% through the 1st.

I will be back in a few days with new products for iNSD!

Peace Out





Shadowing Plastic Items–Digital Scrapbooking – Freebie (Gift)

Hi everyone, Ravelle aka Scooter59 here with another little tutorial on shadowing Acrylic or plastic elements. I know I was frustrated when I would try and shadow an acrylic alpha or a colored plastic element as the shadow would make the element opaque instead of transparent. But I found a simple way to do it in Photoshop (I use CS5) but it should work in all versions and all software where you can put the shadow on its own layer or create the shadow on a separate layer. I am going to use Laura’s spectacular kit “Renew” for this quick tut

Here is the element I am starting with from Renew (a pretty translucent acrylic blue flower):


Now I am going to Shadow the element (I am using a white background so you can see the shadow better):


See how that wonderful transparent look is gone!

Now I am going to place the shadow on its own layer. For PS I simple right click on the fx symbol and choose create layer and click OK. It puts the shadow on the layer underneath the element.


Still better but not translucent. So, Now I am going to hold my “ctrl” key down and click on the flower layer until I see the marching ants.


Now click on the shadow layer and hit delete and then click Ctrl D on a PC to deselect the marching ants. That’s all there is to it! Here is your newly shadowed acrylic element.


Here is what it looks without the background.


Hope this little tutorial helps you. And as a gift here is a Quick Page  I made from a LO I did using Laura’s kit Renew which has lots of beautiful plastic elements.

You can find it here


And here is a sneak peak of Laura’s gorgeous new kit, which will be available soon at Pickleberry Pop!!



Fresh Feeling Now In the Shop – On Sale through Tuesday

It is a new week and our Spring has definitely sprung here in Arizona and with that comes all the new fresh smells of flowers, chirping of the birds and all of natures wonders. Since I enjoy so much time outdoors when the weather is nice, I had to pick some colors I could use often and for a variety of different layouts. The muted browns and grays with the addition of the cream and aqua colors, this really becomes a  versatile kit. The patterns even lend  themselves to the side of vintage with the paisley pattern and the vintage type elements.

You can find this exclusively at Pickleberry Pop  and on sale through Tuesday with the saving of 30%.

And here are a couple layouts done by my wonderful creative team.

For all that are on my newsletter or have received a coupon code from me for Gotta Pixel – please note that the code is only good through May 2nd.

I hope you all inspired by the design.  Enjoy your weekend with your family. I know that is just where I will be this weekend, spending time with family that will be moving the following week. Gotta make every single minute count.



Decorate Your Home

Hello everyone from Nancy. I am a member of Laura’s Creative Team and am here today to give you an idea on how you can use your kits to decorate your house.

I have long admired those “thought provoking” or “inspirational” sayings that I see framed in the high-end gift shops but just couldn’t bring myself to lay down $30, $40, $50 or more for a framed saying. Especially after I really looked at them close and discovered they were not matted but merely a one-dimensional printed paper. I studied one in particular I liked and then went home and re-created it myself.

Here is the image that I printed and framed using Laura’s kit The Beauty Within Reloaded. This has long been on of my very favorite kits and the colors worked quite well with the room I wanted to hang it in. The quote is also a favorite of mine by Eleanor Roosevelt. This particular image is 12 x 7. You can easily find a variety of frame sizes at a local craft store. This just happened to be the size of the area I needed to fill.


To create your own, simply determine the size of the image you want to frame, and create a new page the proper dimensions. Add background paper and adjust to fit. Add a second layer, adjust to fit and use the rectangular selection tool to “cut out” the center of the mat. (It’s a good idea to turn on your guides here so your borders are equal) I applied a simple bevel to the mat and adjusted to my liking. The cluster in the corner was added for interest and finally the quote using a favorite font. That’s it! Save, print and frame! You just saved yourself a lot of money and have nice custom wall art.



New Products: Pickleberry Pop:Commercial Use:On Sale

I have a lot of new items to show you all this week. I will start off with the new commercial use products. Remember that I do not require credit on the CU items. All on sale now! And only at Pickleberry Pop.

Seems like it has been such a long time since I released new CU products. I think your going to love the Vintage Paper YoYo flowers, these were photographed by myself and extracted. These are the rage and I love the whole vintage  look to them.

Next is Doodle Art Set 3 – Again I love playing from time to time in Illustrator and here is the result of my playing off and on for weeks. I hope you enjoy. I have added 2 different leaves for you to add to the doodles or to play with alone. I hope you find these doodles useful like you did with Set 1 and 2.

Lastly this week in commercial use product is Layered Patterns. This is the first of my layered patterns in psd format. Again I had fun playing with these.

Next you can find Radiant Spring in Kit format with the additional add on’s in the shop, if you missed them earlier this month.


I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and make the most of every day.