New CU Added to Cu Digitals – Save 40%

I have added 4 new overlay sets to CU Digitals and all of them are on sale thru the 10th of Janaury. I love the use of overlays to add to my designs, gives papers a whole new look and layering several again will give you an even different look. All CU there is no need give credit.

lauraburger_craft_set1_prev lauraburger_grungetexture_set1_preview lauraburger_grungetexture_set2_CUprev lauraburger_inked_set1_preview

Have a wonderful New Years and be safe.



Out With the Old — Retiring Sale through 30th – Save 60%

Well it is that time of the year to make room for what 2013 has in store for you!! So that means a good amount of products have been marked down 60% and are on sale through the 30th, at which time they will be removed for good. So make some time to go by and see what is on sale.


Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and an even better 2013.


New in the Shop – Priceless Memories and Christmas Spirit

Well Christmas is really around the corner and if you got this blog post , then the world did not come to an end. So I am hoping you all are ready for the holidays, I have one more grocery shopping trip to get under my belt and my holiday will be ready.

In into both Pickleberry Pop and Scrapbook Bytes is Priceless Memories – a very versatile product that will allow you to create many different types of layouts. I hope you enjoy! You will find this one sale through the 30th of the month.

lauraburger_Pmemories_GENprev Here are a couple layouts from the Creative Team.

Sisterslisa_preciousmemoriesdlb_Pmemories_webAlso into the Pickleberry Pop shop is Christmas Spirit, you can also find at Scrapbook Bytes and is on sale with a savings of 30% again through the 30th. LauraBurger_CSpirit_borders_preview  LauraBurger_CSpirit_elements1_preview LauraBurger_CSpirit_GPapers_preview LauraBurger_CSpirit_Papers_preview LauraBurger_CSpirit_elements2_preview I wish each and everyone of a very happy holiday season. Also if you have not grab the coordinating freebies that go with Christmas Spirits, make sure you grab before they are disbabled.




Saying Good Bye to My Memories Retiring Sale

So much has happened since I first joined this shop within my life and with that being said, it is time to say good bye to my My Memories shop. I am having a sale on the balance of items in the shop and once they are gone, they are gone. So take look at the shop and I hope you can find some bargains. The shop will be closing at the end of December so come January it will be gone.

A few of what is on sale and in the shop.


All New CU Pattern Overlays – On Sale through 22nd – Save 40%

Two new commercial use patterns added to both Scrapbook Bytes and also CU Digitals – both are on sale through the 22nd of the December. Grab them while they are on sale. Remember my CU products you do not need to give credit.


Also on sale is


The Barrel for December – For The Boys – 3 Products each $1.00

I cant believe we are days away from Christmas, it just blows me away. I think I am as prepared as I can be except one food shopping I will get done late this next week. I am so ready for the holiday to get here and spend some time with my child and his family and with John’s daughter and her man. It will be the first time we havent had a big family gathering, but I still think it will be a great Christmas with new traditions. We also had out first real snow of this Winter and though I love how it looks I dot like driving in if I can help it.

Well now on to the this months The Barrel – For the Boys, I just had to be different and not do a snow theme and do something more versatile for anyone looking for colors that lend themselves to men and boys. And this month I only did 3 products and kept it small and simple. I hope you enjoy as much as I do. This can be found at Pickleberry Pop.

And here are a couple layouts from the Creative team.

I will be back right before Christmas with one last new product for the year. If you are not going to be around I wish each and everyone a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Years.





Christmas Spirit Stacked Paper Freebie – Last Day of GAB Event

Kim was nice enough to make a stacked paper from the Christmas Spirits products you can find at Scrapbook Bytes, hope you enjoy the little freebie. Also today is the last day for the GAB Event going on at Scrapbook Bytes.

You can find the file here.

All the product can only be found the my Scrapbook Bytes shop and they are each $1.00 through the 16th after that they will all go to full price. We are going to start off with some delicious glitter papers.Next up are two sets of elements. Now for the fun papers, solid and the borders that make for easy fast layouts or to detail your layouts even more.

Happy Holidays



Spreading More Holiday Cheer – Freebie

Thanks to Dani she prepared an adorable wordart that coordinates with the GAB products for this month. We hope you enjoy this little piece of holiday cheer.

You can find the full sized file here. And they coordinate with the following products.

All the product can only be found the my Scrapbook Bytes shop and they are each $1.00 through the 16th after that they will all go to full price. We are going to start off with some delicious glitter papers.Next up are two sets of elements. Now for the fun papers, solid and the borders that make for easy fast layouts or to detail your layouts even more.

Happy Holidays



GAB time is Here – Christmas Spirit – 6 Products each $1.00

Even though this is a busy time for all of us with shopping, baking and more shopping. It is also holiday time for my GAB product this month. A series of papers and elements to help you save all the memories of your holiday seasons both present and past.  Hope you all enjoy and I am wishing you all a Happy Holiday season. All the product can only be found the my Scrapbook Bytes shop and they are each $1.00 through the 16th after that they will all go to full price.

We are going to start off with some delicious glitter papers.Next up are two sets of elements. Now for the fun papers, solid and the borders that make for easy fast layouts or to detail your layouts even more. And the Creative went crazy with layouts, I won’t show them all here but check out the galleries and facebook as they start adding them. They just did an awesome job with this product.

Watch this week for some fun freebies that coordinate with this set of product, you won’t want to miss them.

Hope you have a wonderful week.




Just in Time for Christmas – Card Freebie

This is just a tease as to what the next Grab A Byte product theme is. Thanks to Lisa B. she has two different cards and in 2 sizes quick page type cards for the holidays. The GAB product will be in the shop come Monday! So come take a look. You can find both files here.


Hope you all enjoy!




All New CU Overlays At Cu Digitals–On Sale

I have had time to add a few new commercial use products to CU  Digitals  and better yet they are on sale through the 15th at $2.00 each. So grab them while they are at bargain pricing.






Be back soon with new products – Enjoy your weekend.



Did You Miss Pavilion – Now on Sale

If you missed Pavilion during Mini Madness – well you can now find it at Pickleberry Pop and Scrapbook Bytes and on sale – Save 30%


Let’s Get Organized

Hi everyone! Cindy here with a little organizing tip for you…

If you’re like me, your memory is not quite what it used to be. Ever wish you had a little preview of a kit without having to open every folder up to search for it? When I am creating a layout, sometimes I’m looking for a certain color or element and I know it’s in my stash somewhere but I just can’t come up with the kit name. Even when I am looking for a template to use and I know I want one with two photos…this tip will make your life a little easier!

I am going to show you how to add a kit preview image to your folder…

So instead of this…













You see this…













Cool, huh?

MAC Instructions:

• Open a copy of the kit preview

• Select the entire image (Command A), and copy it (Command C)

• Click on the folder you would like to change and Get Info (Command I)

• Click on the image of the folder at the top right, which will highlight it, and paste (Command V) the preview image

WINDOWS Instructions:

• Locate the folder which you would like to add a preview to

• Right click the folder and choose “Properties” from the drop down menu

• In the Properties window select the “Customize” tab and click the “Change Icon” button.

• Select the preview from the list or click the “Browse” button to select from a location on your computer

• Click OK to confirm the selection and the preview should now appear as the icon for your folder

Hope you found this tip helpful :) Happy Scrappin’




Emotions Flow – Beautifully Grungy New Product – On Sale

I had such a great time making this one. I think the closer it gets to the holidays the more my emotions flow with thoughts of past holidays with family and friends, some of which are no longer here. So it this the time of year that I get out some photographs think about old memories and scrap till I can’t anymore. That is just what I plan on doing with this one scrap my heart out. I love the textures of the grungy papers and all the decorative tags and journal item.  You can find this in both my Pickleberry Pop shop and my Scrapbook Bytes shop and on sale through the 6th with a savings of 30%.

I have also made this just into a paper package if papers are your thing.

Here are couple of the creative teams layouts.

Hope you enjoy and have a grand weekend.


New Commercial Use – In the Shop and on Sale Save 60%

I have added new commercial use items to my Cu Digitals shop. And it is whopping 60% off through December 3rd.  So my embosser plates are on sale :) Thought these are mostly used by designers – they are also a wonderful tool for digiscrappers to add embossing to that special project.


Holiday Phrases from Kat

Kat here with some holiday phrases to help you scrapbook your pages.

Every year, the holidays come faster and faster and I try even harder to be ahead of the game.  But every year, I am, at the last minute trying so hard to get something done for everyone!  Now that I digital scrapbook, it makes things a bit easier.  A nice page showcasing a few pictures of Christmas past, a quick subway art with a fun holiday quote, or a nice saying on a cute tag attached to my favorite something.  I searched the web to find some sayings that could be used on any of those things, or used on future scrapbook pages.  Enjoy and best of luck getting it all done!

A carrot, And coal. To Make a Winter Friend, Add snow

The magic of holidays never ends, and its greatest gifts are family and friends – Anon

Love the giver more than the gift. – Brigham Young

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.  ~Norman Vincent Peale

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.  ~Burton Hillis

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!  ~Author Unknown

Even before Christmas has said Hello, it’s saying ‘Buy Buy’. – Robert Paul

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more….”― Dr. Seuss

Colorful candles burning bright, each lit on eight very special nights.  ~Author Unknown

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. -Janice Maeditere

Great site for what to put on those holiday cards you make!

A few examples:

HO…HO…HO…Merry Christmas

Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas everyday

Be filled with the wonder, Be touched by the peace . . .Believe in the miracle.

Enjoy your holiday season



Ready for some AWESOME Black Friday Coupons for Mi Design from Michaels Crafts

Michaels Crafts – Mi Design is letting me share some awesome Black Friday codes with you all for there products. I was floored when I saw the savings they are offering. So grab one of these like I did. I did an amazing stretched canvas 16×16 3/4″ thick photo of my grandchild for me mother for Christmas, I cant wait to see her face when she gets this.You can find the site here.  So if you are looking for various great personal gifts you gotta check this out.

Black Friday deals – now through 11/24

30% off Custom Photo Calendars

Promo code: FRIDAY30


61% off 16×16 Canvas Prints

Promo code: FRESCO61


40% off Photo Cards

Promo code: THANKS40


50% off 12×12 Photo Books

Promo code: NOVFALL50




New Products and Sales through Cyber Monday

I have added new product to both my Pickleberry Pop and Scrapbook Bytes shop just in time for the 40% off sale I will be having in each shop through Monday midnight. This includes every single product. Dont miss this sale.

Now for the new product – Rare Beauty –

I just love the colors used in this kit. It is filled with shades of pink, green, black and white. Some are muted, others bright.  Your design, your choice, your  individual style.  They make it easy for you to achieve the “look” you want for your lay out.    

The creative team did a great job with this project and they all shined.

Also into the store is an add on to The Pickle Barrel products – Time Travels add on – again located at both shops. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did and this will be the first year I have not cooked the main dinner in at least 18 years, so it was a nice change of pace. Got to spend many hours with my son, his wife and the grandchild. What more could I ask for!!


Time Travels – November Pickle Barrel – each $1.00 Ends Wednesday

This month I had a blast doing these products, the colors just flowed and flowed and I couldn’t stop, with this amazing palette of colors.  Bits of steam punk and vintage goodies with a lot of grunge. Wait till you see the layouts the Creative Team did!! Amazing work. I am offering from Monday through Wednesday 6 different products, 2 papers, one set of  journal items, a grand package of flowers and leaves, a set of elements and a set of words that are perfect everyday and heritage type layouts. This set is so versatile that you will be coming back to this over and over.You can find this at my Pickleberry Pop shop.

In addition I have some fun add ons – make a purchase and you will be sent links to purchase the other additions at a great savings.

And now some creative layouts from the Creative Team.

Hope you find something that you like and remember sale ends on Wednesday.


GSO’s from Becky




I always love looking through Laura’s galleries, seeing all the other scrappers’ layouts and see what they saw that I didn’t when I first did my CT layout, without the benefit of “sneak peaking”. Laura’s designs are so extraordinarily  easy to work with, but sometimes when you first look at something then you get short-sighted with your first observation. So I’m going through Laura’s gallery, at Pickleberry Pop, and the amazing talent is just so bountiful, it truly makes it very difficult to pinpoint just one layout that stands out from the rest, because they each have something to offer that the other’s don’t.  So I may be breaking the rules a bit here, but I think it’s time for a Gallery Standout OutS (plural) blog post!

Memories by Mother Bear, created with Laura’s  My Heart, is so perfectly proportioned with the exact elements and, of course, those amazingly precious photos! I love how she perfectly built up the layout rather than space it fully across the page – this is truly one for framing!

Memories of Sandibel by lhansen148, using the same kit as Mother Bear, Fills my Heart. Lhansen has done a perfect photo technique onto her background page to give it a beachy-canvas appearance, making the entire layout absolutely fantabulous!

Pete by jmzumer, using Favorite Season by Designs by Laura Burger, although really quite a simple layout, uses the perfect elements (gotta love those fibers criss-crossing under the photo) for the photo, and what a great touch with the humorous journaling!

By CindyB, I know I’ve seen this one around digi-town as getting several recognitions, but it really is just that good!  Using Laura’s Inspiration collection, I absolutely love the grunge feel to this layout, and the journaling so personal, and very inspiring (totally giving the Inspiration collection a well-deserved name).  My hat’s definitely off to Cindy for not just an awesome layout, but for sticking with it, reaching deep down inside, and meeting her goal!

Again, using Laura’s Inspiartion] collection, comes Butterly Kisses by jmzumer, is perfectly composed, and I just love the larger frame in the middle of the three-photo metal frame!  Great looking outside-the-box!  Nice title work also.

I have to stop here for a second and impress how awesome the Inspiration collection is.  It has everything you’d want for any kind of layout you have. Really. No bones about it! Absolutely one of, if not the one, my favorite kits so far.

I have come to the conclusion of all my shout outs for October, although I have to say … each and every layout in this gallery is completely exceptional in its own way, and it’s not about getting a LOTD or GSO, it’s all about you creating a layout for you … and if it says all you want it to say or show, then it’s a perfect layout!