New Products Flip Flop- State of Mind – On Sale

Hope you all are having a wonderful week, mine has been a bit stressful as I brought my Mom here for a visit and she got bronchitis and I had to bring her to the doctors, but she is feeling better and I believe hubby is driving her back to California tomorrow. But otherwise, it has been a great visit and can’t wait for her to come up again and see how she does. Oh did I mention is it hotter than hot here and I am hoping for some monsoon action to cool us off. So this was the perfect product with summer in full swing here.

You can find this at my Pickleberrypop Shop and on sale for a limited time. Save more with the bundle and get all the pieces you need with a savings of 30%. The kit and word art are 20% off.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the late spring, summer starts it’s a flip flop state of mind time. I have them all over the house and about every brand as my hubby will tell you. So this product is all about bright fun summer colors and the activities you probably partake in each summer.




And if you didn’t pick this up last round, time to grab while the mega bundle is on sale with all the pieces for 30% for a limited amount of time.


And lastly, a few layouts by amazing Creative Team using Flip Flop – State of Mind

creative Team Layouts copy

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, lots of family time and memories being made.



June Pickle Barrel Here – $1.00 each – FWP and Add On Bundle

I am not sure about you all, but summer is here and I do believe our monsoons are even early this year. We have already lost power once in the last week. We need the rain so I won’t complain and I do enjoy the monsoon season here in the upper levels of Northern Arizona.

So now for this months pickle barrel! I think you are going to love this one – Country Pride. You can only find at my Pickleberrypop shop for this promotion. Ends on Monday!!

There is nothing a special as celebrating and remembering what our country is all about. It is thanking the current troops, it is also thanking those that have fought for our freedom and lost their lives. And then you throw in a good parade and BBQ that you can enjoy with family and friends and you know you have that Country Pride.

Here shows the FWP on the Six Pack!


Here is what is in each of the 6 packages

lauraburger_cp_element_preview lauraburger_cp_grunge_preview lauraburger_cp_pattern_preview lauraburger_cp_journal_preview lauraburger_cp_solid_preview lauraburger_cp_alpha_preview

And also this month I have an add on – with a special pricing. Add the add for the price of 2 products. This will only be offered during this promotion.

add On

With the approaching holiday coming up and past holidays you will have plenty to get some layout done in a hurry with all these pieces. All the product will be bundled after the sale – so grab what you want at this amazing pricing.

Here are a few of the layout done by my Creative Team.

creative Team Layouts copy

Hope you all have a great weekend, I will be traveling to California and back to home with my Mom in tow for a visit.



How to Start A Layout!

Hi there! Deb, aka victorinasoup here to talk about INSPIRATION!! Where do we find it, how do we use it??

I can go through galleries for hours and oooohhh and ahhhh over those gorgeous layouts. I almost always leave my photo to last, unless I am working on a kit and say “I HAVE A PHOTO” with those colors in it! I love using templates, but find that if I can get the “ground work” done on my own, I’m good to go! Twisting papers always gets me thinking of where I can put the flowers or leaves.

I also go to greeting cards and take a look there, I have gotten so much inspiration by looking at cards, have you ever tried that? The front of a card is just a smaller version of any layout! I have bought cards before and “lifted” the layout! I have shoeboxes full of cards! But most of all it’s the twisting and turning of papers and elements that sparks my creativeness. Layering, start layering those papers and all of a sudden you are adding your elements and you’ve got one very striking page! And then of course there is the “color”. Layering papers that are patterned and they actually “fit”! Finding out that a red rose and a yellow daisy look very nice together! Seeing a small cluster of flowers in the corner of one layout and finding out you can almost copy that cluster and make it bigger, with different flower and colors, it changes the whole look again! I get excited when I add this or that to my layout and think… hmmm, I’ll add “this” and see what happens, which makes me want to add “that”! LOL Inspiration is everywhere! Put about 8 different elements on your paper and start playing! Don’t shadow till the end, you just might want to “twist” something!! Would love to hear where you find your “Inspiration”! Just leave a comment, I’m always looking for new idea’s!

Happy Scrapping, till next time!



Finally new Products- Save 30%- Do You Use Artisan to Scrapbook?

I know it has been a long time since I have released regular product, I guess the summer is getting the best of me. I seem to be busier than ever all in a good way. I am watching my 4 year old Grandson on Wednesday’s – which turns into a fun day that Grandma is exhausted afterwards. And with all the baby turkey’s now outside it seems like a constant checking to change water etc. But again it is all a good thing. Now to the product and you can find it all at my Pickleberrypop shop and on sale for a limited time. So you save 30% on each product.  Plus is you use Panstoria Artisan product to scrapbook I am looking for a few Creative Team members.

First is a special product, because it was made for a Creative Team Member that used parts of her son’s graduating colors of the school. I had more fun making this one as she told me what she wanted and I think I delivered a product she could use easily. I loved doing the word art as it applies to so much in our lives.

lauraburger_TWIM_kit_preview lauraburger_TWIM_WA_preview lauraburger_TWIM_solids_preview

Here is the layout Debbie did for her son’s book


And here are some more layouts done by the Creative Team!

creative Team Layouts copy

Now to the Creative Team Call –


So if you use the product and want to give it a try! Please make sure you contact me. I will keep this open till I have the filled up the team on of before June 30th, so don’t wait, write me

Have a wonderful weekend. Mine will be filled with some yard work and preparing for little trip to see Mom at the end of the week and bringing her here for a stay. I cant wait.



Elements – What Catches Your Eye?

Hi Everyone, Deb/victoriansoup here. I debated on what I wanted to discuss and I have two favorite things or obsessions with digi scrapping. The first one, shadowing. I am forever playing with my shadows. I use PSP9. Then my other favorite thing is, what is to much on a layout. I am a “use everything” kind of gal. I like my pages busy and full of all the goodies that come in the kit that those great DT’ers spend so much time on, giving us ALL those ellies for a reason…. RIGHT? YES is what I say! Then I look at the other layouts that people do and I see the less, and it is so striking and takes your breath away! But I can’t do that. As much as I have tried, I keep thinking just one more thing, or ohhhh I haven’t used that ellie yet and wouldn’t that look good right here! Is less really the new MORE? I think using all the goodies in any kit are showing off the wonderful goodies that you bought. Have you ever bought a kit because there have been those few elements that caught your eye? What catches your eye when you buy a kit? Me? Well I think the first thing I see is all the colors. The contrast, the muted, the brights, the unimaginable! Then I look at the papers! You get a great idea of what the colors are if you look at the papers. Then I count, YES, count flowers and leave! Silly right? Noooo! You can never have enough of those! Then I look at the “extra’s” as I call them, which brings the kit together. So that is how I end up with this busy, some times messy page! And sometimes, if it is just to much, I sit back, and squint my eyes, and it looks perfect!

So next time you are picking out a kit, think of me, picking out mine! Happy Scrappin!!!

Deb J