My Project December in Shop – Save 30%

Hope you all are getting ready for the holidays – they are not far off. I am hoping to get the house done this weekend with any luck! And My Project December is the final pocket scrapbook project for the year and more than likely I will use other designers next year. I feel great that I made it the entire year and enjoyed myself designing these.

So for a limited time you can find these in my Pickleberrypop Shop and on sale with a savings of 30%.




Here is a layout I did using the product – I hate the owie but I love the layout.


And here are a few layouts by the creative team.

creative Team Layouts copy

Happy Holiday to everyone!



New at Pickleberrypop Shop – Save 30%

New to my shop this week is Christmas Trimmings – I have it was a scrap kit, solids and clusters! A huge set to easily  decorate your pages. Check out the layouts in the shop – detailed images. They are stunning.


Well I am going to keep this short and sweet, as I seem to have gotten sick really good this time! And need to get back to bed! Enjoy your weekend, you will find me in bed- not where I would like to be.





November Pickle Barrel Has Arrived!! Each $1.00 Through Monday

I always love this time of the month, goodies and on sale! Yes, we are talking about Pickle Barrel time. I have done only 3 products this month due to some health issues. But I can say those have been treated and I couldn’t be more thrilled.
So I have made another of My Memory Masks Set 8 – A set of Eclectic Borders and a new set of Funky Masked Frame sets. The funky frames are layered so that you can change them up – tuck items in between and make them your own.
You can only find them at my Pickleberrypop shop. And through Monday they are on sale for $1.00 for each set.




The creative team used various products in my shop to do there layouts, hoping this will inspire you to take already purchased product and use in a new and different ways.

creative Team Layouts copy

Here is wishing you all a fantastic weekend and enjoying what surrounds you.



All New in My Panstoria Shop

New releases in my Panstoria shop. If you are an Artisan user - please check out my other blog.

This release has some fun and fantastic products in kit and bundle format. You all realize that Christmas just days away. It also means that you will be taking lots of photographs during the holidays. For our family it starts the day after Thanksgiving and continues through Christmas Day and on some years even after Christmas. So I think I will be prepared with these products.

And if your family is anything like ours, you are spending a bit more time in the kitchen making items that are always around your house for the holidays. The Recipe Madness product is perfect for showcasing those special recipes and your making up these delicious treats.

And lastly, Trust you Wings neutral colors with soft elements and if you like roses, it is a must have. Inspirational word art, perfect little labels and clusters to add to your pages.

I hope each and everyone has a wonderful week.



My Project November is in the Shop! And On Sale for Limited Time

Well finally before the month was over I got My Project November is in my Pickleberrypop shop and on sale for a limited time, so grab while you can save 20% on separates and 30% off the bundle. I love this months colors and keeping with the same textures as the previous months projects.





And here are a few of the layouts my talented ladies created using the product.

creative Team Layouts copy

Enjoy your Sunday and happy scrappin!



iDSD is Happening and YOU Won’t Want to Miss This One!

Yes it is that special time of year that is dedicated to digital scrapbooking and even more it is gear towards our customer with savings and some fun.

This year we have a ton of specials going on. You can find my shop on sale 40% off thru November 3rd.

Use this special coupon code iDSDsaveextra10 to save an extra 10% on any order over $20.00.

I have added two new $2 treats into the store. You can my shop here.

lauraburger_lookingback_preview lauraburger_YTMH_2.00preview

All kinds of other goodies to be found at the shop too. So don’t miss out on these either


Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and enjoy your weekend. I plan on spending the evening tomorrow with family and church members at the Harvest Festival. And  the rest of the weekend shopping and scrapbooking.




Fright Night 2 is Now in the Shop and On Sale!!!

Fright Night 2 is in the shop and coordinates with last year’s Fright Night. Halloween is such a special time for both the young and the more mature:) You get to dress up in clothes that you would never be caught dead in otherwise and stroll the streets or you get to be your favorite character. Either way it is always a great night to have some fun along with way too much sweets.

You will find Fright Night 2 in my Pickleberrypop shop and it is on sale for limited time with a savings of 30%. You can use a code for Fright Night (the original) to also save 30%. Use the code FrightNight and make sure you have Fright Night in your basket!  Code good through the 28th.




And for some added inspiration here are some adorable layouts the ladies did using the new product.

creative Team Layouts copy

While you are cruising the site check out the Treats


Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy all the small things that really matter in life.



It’s Pickle Barrel Time – Autumn – $1.00 Each – Save with 6 Pack

It’s Pickle Barrel time one of my most favorite times of the year! You will only find this at my Pickleberrypop shop.

You say autumn, I say fall, and either way it is a delightful time of year. The colors that changes color hues, over night from one color to another. The snap–crackle-pop, as you walk on the dried up leaves on the ground to the wonderful cooler weather.

I think you are going to love this months product and all are marked at $1.00 through Monday or get the FWP on the 6-pack. These will be repackaged after the sale. Don’t miss this exciting sale.



You FWP on the 6 pack is a set of fun word arts


Need some inspiration, take a look at some of the amazing layouts that the creative team did! Check out the product in he shop and there are a ton more that will inspire you.

creative Team Layouts copy

Taking a small trip to go visit Mom on Monday, looking forward to spending time with her one on one. And the balance of this weekend I will back to our little project we are building a shelter for Lucy. Well still need to finish part of the roof, add the sides and some chicken wire and with any luck when we get some snow she will go to this area. We have been feeding her here and she so far is sticking close to her new home.


Have a wonderful week. Laura


Yeap!! My Project October is in the Shop! On Sale Now

I finally got My project October up! My favorite time of year with the colors of the leaves changes, the weather that is getting cooler. There is no better time of year as far as I am concerned. There is a little bit of everything in this months project. Come check it out at my Pickleberrypop shop. The bundle is 30% for a limited time and the separates are at 20%.





And here are a few of the layout done by the Creative Team!

creative Team Layouts copy

I hope you all have a great weekend, I am lucky that I got a present  a trip on the train to the Grand Canyon so that is my exciting Saturday adventures.




Don’t Miss This Newsletter- FWP -Freebie and More

I will start off with a few little changes you might start seeing, one will be a weekly lottery for a newsletter subscriber! So make sure you are signed up. It could be a free kit, a coupon or anything else I come up with. It will run through Monday following the newsletter release! You will have to email me at before midnight Arizona time on Monday.  Next is a BIG thank you to my wonderful customers that make me feel delighted and thankful every single day!

Now on to the new products! Karma. Destiny. Energy. How we act and what we do, say and treat others comes back to us, tenfold. We are what we think, we are what we say and we are a product of how we act and react. The Golden Rule is a running theme in all belief systems and we know there is truth to “what goes around comes around”.  This kit is ideal for journaling your thoughts about what you do to help make the world a better place for you, me and everyone else. It’s got all of the pieces you need to scrap a special photo, a particular day or thoughts you’d like to focus on and remember. We are all intricately connected to one another.  Wishing you peace and good karma.  You can find this at my Pickleberrypop shop and the bundle is 30% off for a limited time. This bundle has a set of free clusters that will not be going into the shop alone. So right there is a 3.99 savings.


Next if you prefer kits or singles again these are on sale at Pickleberrypop 

And on sale 20% off for a limited time.




Here are some amazing layouts done my Creative Team.


The lottery for this week is the following people


Make sure you email me at before midnight Monday, Arizona time.

The freebie is given in my newsletter – sign up before the end of Monday and a link will be sent so you too can have the freebie.

Hope you all are enjoying the joys Fall brings. I plan on enjoy some outdoor time with the cooler weather and my trees are starting to turn so there will be some photos being taken I am sure.



Friends Across The Miles – New in the Shop – Collab with Little Feet Designs and On Sale!

I was so excited to finally meet back up on social media with Janet Carr – Little feet Designs. We talked for hours it seemed and caught up on all the years we had disappeared from each others lives.  This is all about Friends Across the Miles. You can this in my Pickleberrypop shop and on sale for a limited time.

Preserve the great times and memories you have had with your BFF, your girl friends or your sister(s) with this gorgeous collab kit by Little Feet Designs and myself. Filled with adorable papers, embellishments and fun expressions for you to scrap your photos about friendship! Perfect for heritage pictures too!


And there are some Add On’s you won’t want to miss.

LFDD_DBLB_paint_preview LFDD_DBLB_solids_preview

This was such a fun product to create with Janet and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Here are some layouts from the amazing Creative Team


Fall is here and time to get back into the swing of things, more time out in the great weather, more snuggles on the couch watching a good show or movie. I am excited for the new season to be here, not if we would cool down a little I would be happier.



Yes!!! It is Pickle Barrel Time – Each Product $1.00 Or 6-Pack Get 1 Free

Yes it is Pickle Barrel time, from Friday through Monday you can pick up all the products for $1.00 each or get the 6 pack that you get a FWP and only at my Pickleberrypop Shop.  This months theme and also My Project Monthly is school related. For me September represents the time the little ones and even bigger ones are off to school to gain my knowledge.

So with that here are the product you will have the opportunity to get before they are bundled up to be placed back into the shop. First off is the 6-pack








Here are some layouts done by my amazing Creative Team

creative Team Layouts copy

Hope each and everyone of you have an amazing weekend summer is almost over and Fall will be approaching before we all know it.




I Have Been Busy! Check Out the New Releases!! CU too!!

Your probably wondering what I have been up too since I have been a bit slow with new releases the last couple of weeks. Well first off I have been scrapbooking more than ever and enjoying it more than ever. And I also have been designing here and there and the results are in this issue. Yeap!  have new personal use and commercial use products.  I will start with the personal use. All can be found at my Pickleberrypop shop.  These will be on sale through Monday!!

Lilac Breeze – I adore these colors, reminds me of the gardens I visited on a Georgia trip. The plantations were full of blooms, history and relaxing moments. There is a mix of new and old is the style I just love. This was also featured at Scrap Stacks – so make sure you don’t already have it.


Here are some amazing layouts done by the Creative Team

creative Team Layouts copy

Next is Family Reunion –

A time when family comes together to visit, listen to stories. And see how everyone has changed. It is always an amazing time whether you come from a big family or a small one. It’s a time when the kids come together and build stronger relationships, take hikes together, geo cache and maybe get in a game of hitting the ball or just talking in the tent or sitting at the table. Most importantly it is always an event your will remember. I have this in a bundle for maximum savings, in kit format and the word art. I can’t wait to scrap with this as we just had a Picnic in the Pines with family and I used colors from the event to design this product.




And again some layouts from the team!

creative Team Layouts copy

Next up is Commercial Use product- This round I have some layered patterns, some stamps and a set of metal fancy frames.


I hope you find something that sparks you do a layout and save those memories.

I will be back next week with a special announcement and more products!






Searching for that perfect kind of font!

I was playing on pinterest tonight and found some amazing chalkboard type fonts

Free Fonts for Chalkboard Art

Click the image and it will bring to this amazing blog!




New Digital Products – Eclectic Mess -Sale 30%

It must be the little kid in me that enjoys some grunge and a mixture of different elements to make something all your own and unique. And that being said I present you with Eclectic Mess. The mini kit was a FWP in the past weeks and now into the shop along with an add on set of elements and word art. All are on sale for a limited time for 30% discount at my Pickleberrypop shop.




Here are some amazing layouts by my Creative Team using the new product.

creative Team Layouts copy

If you missed last weeks products – My Project August has now been set to a kit and bundled product.



Hope you all have an amazing weekend and make sure you capture the memories.




August Pickle Barrel is Here!! $1.00 Each -FWP- Storewide Sale through 18th

It Pickle Barrel time again and this month I did my Project Monthly!! This is a great time to grab this months Pickle Barrel – all $1.00 through Monday or grab the 6-pack to get the FWP. You will only find this at my Pickleberrypop Shop. This shows the free embossed papers as the FWP on the 6-pack.



Here are the separates:

lauraburger_MyProjAug_elements_previewlauraburger_MyProjAug_gesso_previewlauraburger_MyProjAug_pattern_previewlauraburger_MyProjAug_pocket_previewlauraburger_MyProjAug_solids_previewWhile you are in the shop – do not forget that my shop is still on sale 40% off through the 18th. So if you are into pocket scrapbooking and you have checked out all the other month’s  this is the time to do that and grab them while they are on sale.

Here are few layouts by my amazing team! You this months – My Project August

creative Team Layouts copy

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.



Final DOTD August 11, FWP and More


Today is the last Deal of the day!! With the birthday celebration going full force, I have more fun goodies for you from the 8th through the 11th. So today I will show you the 2 deal of the days, each is marked down 50% for the day. You as always can find my product only at Pickleberrypop.


lauraburger_amazingnature_kit_prev11th LB_Relax_Bundle11th

In addition to the daily deals, I have a FWP running from the 7th through the 14th on any sales invoice over $10.00. Everyone that gets the FWP will be sent a coupon for an additional 10% off on purchases excluding Pickle Barrel products from the 12th through the 18th. So this is a great deal and some additional savings. If you get the free with purchase on the last day that coupon will be changed for a later date so everyone will have a chance to use it. Each person will be sent an email with links to download this product, this will not be added to your order from the shop.



Psst … This will be released in late August and there are coordinating products, so you really don’t want to miss this one.

Enjoy you weekend.



Birthday Celebration – Who’s Opening up Some Lolly Bags – 2 CU – 2PU & More

Who’s ready to start celebrating Pickleberrypop’s 8th birthday as a business! I know I am!! During a good portion  of the month you will find bargains and surprises around every corner.

As a tradition there are Lolly Bags (grab bags) at are each only $5.00 thru the 4th. After that they will be in the shop full price and we all know we want a bargain. Though we can’t show you whats inside you can get a great idea of what’s in them with the detailed images and shared layouts, except for the CU products.  I have added two Personal Digital Use kits and two Commercial Digital use (no credit required) products into my shopThese are again $5.00 each thru the 4th. Each has the retail value of the products included to see what a bargain you are getting.


creative Team Layouts copy



creative Team Layouts copy 2


Also this month we have a WHAT’S HOT section – from Aug 1 thru 7th there are 5 products within my shop. That are on sale 40% off.

Happy_stamps lauraburger_AlmostSpring_scatters_preview lauraburger_BImagination_Gesso_preview LB_Relax_Stamps lauraburger_happy_scatters_preview

 So please don’t miss all the fun we have planned.


I will be back as the surprises start rolling in.

Enjoy your weekend.






Ho Ho Ho Merry Discounts – Christmas in July Save 65% – Retiring

I can’t believe Christmas is a little over 5 months away! Don’t harm the messenger :) But this week from the 22nd thru the 27th all my Christmas kits and products are on sale with a 65% discount and once the sale is over they all will be retired. I don’t know about you but I always get a few layouts done and then I wait till almost the next year to try and get caught up. So here is a sale for you to finally get caught up with your holiday layouts. You can find all at my Pickleberrypop shop.


Here are a few of the items you will find in the shop or course is there plenty more in there with separates and bundles.

Hope these help in getting you caught up – I know it will motivate me to finish up the pages I need to get done and get last years album printed finally.

I will be back in the beginning of the month with more exciting products and sales, since we all love a deal right!

Enjoy your week.




Pickle Barrel Time – I Love My Life – $1.00 each or Grab 7 with 6-Pack – FWP

Wow summer is flying by must be the age thing LOL!! But as busy as our summer has been I still had time to make this month’s Pickle Barrel, all products $1.00 each or get the 6-pack with a FWP. “I Love My Life” is exactly how I feel. I wouldn’t have thought I would be living where I am or be this happy and content 20 years ago.  This kit is perfect for scrapping  all your everyday photos, as well as how you feel about your life, as life changes and it is always great to do more about you and how your feeling in your layouts. This can only be found at my Pickleberrypop Shop.

Each is sold separately or grab the 6-pack and get the FWP.








Here are a sampling of the layouts done by the Creative Team, each so different from the other and so proud of the memories they are each saving and sharing.

creative Team Layouts copy

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.  Hoping that I can find some time to get some scrapbooking done and saved. Time with family, probably some yard work and with any luck maybe a trip to the local pool for a swim.