Pickle Barrel March Edition! $1 each of FWP on 6-Pack

Well this month is a fun set for you – because ” Everyone Has a Story” only at my Pickleberrypop shop and being Pickle Barrel time – each dollar or by the 6-pack and get a free with purchase set. Don’t miss out on this one as it will be bundled after the after and not sold separately! This sale ends on Monday evening!

We all have a story that has meaning to us, no matter if it means nothing to someone else. This could be a story that has deep felt feelings to everyone or the simple little stories about the walk you had this morning or the baby hawk, I just captured a photograph of in our tree. . It is the reason we are the storytellers with our scrapbooking of layouts. Your family and friends will thank you years from now for all the little memories they forget, but you brought back to their memory.

Hoping that everyone in the states is starting to see Spring pop – since this is the first day of Spring. I know it has here, as the tree’s are blooming, the birds are chirping and the WEEDS are growing like there is no tomorrow.


lauraburger_EHAS_addelements_preview lauraburger_EHAS_grungepapers_preview lauraburger_EHAS_WA_preview lauraburger_EHAS_solidpapers_preview lauraburger_EHAS_scatters_preview lauraburger_EHAS_patternpapers_preview

Here is a sampling of layouts from the Creative Team that amazes me on each product.

creative Team Layouts copy

Hope everyone has a enjoyable weekend and it is spent telling Your Stories!



Life’s Journey – Never Forget in Shop! Save 30% -Plus Special Offer

I hope you enjoy this weeks release, another in the series of Life’s Journey. This time Never Forget. You can find this at my Pickleberrypop shop and it on sale with a savings of 30%.  I have a kit, solids package and clusters.

lauraburger_LJNF_kitpreview lauraburger_LJNF_cluster_preview lauraburger_LJNF_solids_preview

Check out some of the amazing layouts done by the Creative Team!

creative Team Layouts copy

Enjoy your weekend and remember there is still  special running in the shop spend $15.00 save an additional 10% , this offer good through the 19th.




New Boho Masks Set4 – On Sale – Amazing Techniques – Plus Special Offer Included

This is a slow week for products, I guess you have to try and balance life and design at times. But the one good thing, masks can make for some amazing layouts. And you will find them at my Pickleberrypop Shop. And they are on sale save 30%. And running a special spend $15.00 save an extra 10% in the shop.

These masks are fun and creative.


Her are a couple of the masks used with different products

Cindy Celebration of Love

Cindy used Celebration of love with her layout.

Trace with Karma

Trace place with Karma on this layout.

Jan with Born Proud

Jan with Born Proud

And lastly

Ravelle I love My Life

Ravelle used I Love My Life

Time to grab some masks and get to playing! You will never stop playing some you  will actually get addicted to them. Check out the shop for more examples using this product.

Happy Shopping everyone!!


Need for Speed – Save 30% New at Pickleberrypop

Our family is race fanatics really doesnt matter what kind of racing asphalt or dirt. This is for all the people that enjoy a fun racing kit. Please note some of the items (elements and word art_ – including the Alphabet Set were previously in a product called Race Zoom Zoom, but you worry there are plenty of new items and papers to enjoy making a few new layouts, This can be found at my Pickleberrypop shop. Will be on sale through next week.

lauraburger_NFS_kit_preview lauraburger_NFS_wordart_preview lauraburger_NFS_alphabet_preview

Next if you missed last weeks Pickle Barrel  -Something Wonderful has been added as a bundle and available now and on sale also.


Take a look at some of the adorable layouts done by the Creative Team using Need For Speed.


Enjoy your weekend, it is just about here! We I believe will be enjoying some more much needed rain.



Something Wonderful- Pickle Barrel – $1.00 each- FWP on 6-Pack

Wow I am so amazed that we are almost to the end of February, I am just not sure how times flies by so fast. This months Pickle Barrel I just adore, Something Wonderful – only at my Pickleberrypop Shop and on sale for $1.00 a package or grab the 6-pack and get a FWP elements add on. The sale ends Monday evening, so make your way over before it is bundled up.

I love life and all that it holds, the small things and the big things. Every day there is something I feel or see that is something wonderful and makes my heart smile. This is for some of those special moments I have and will have each and every day.  Yesterday’s special moment was a photo I took of our feral outdoor cats all cuddled up because one of them was a bit hurt from the wildlife we have in the area. It’s rare that they ever cuddle up, so this warmed my heart.


So here is Something Wonderful


lauraburger_SW_grunge_preview lauraburger_SW_elements_preview lauraburger_SW_journal_preview lauraburger_SW_pattern_preview lauraburger_SW_bitz_preview lauraburger_SW_solids_preview

And here are some of the Creative Team members layouts, you will see this product can be very versatile for different looks. I am so blessed to have them on my team and share there layout with everyone for additional inspiration.

creative Team Layouts copy

I hope you enjoy the rest of your February and for many I hope your Spring comes soon, I just can’t imagine living where it is so cold.