It’s Pickle Barrel Time – Set of 3 each $1.00 for August

Wow I am just blown away with how fast summer has flown by. I guess it means I am getting older faster :) It just seemed like summer started and couldn’t wait for the warmer days and less wind, now we are back to the winds and our days are so much shorter. Won’t be long before Fall is here to stay. I sure hope the people in the Western states stay safe and a special prayer for one of my team members that I am hoping stays safe. She is in Washington and surrounded by fires. Prayers Lisa B.

Now this months Pickle Barrel is a small one for me. Just not enough hours in the days to get enough parts for this one. But I do love how it turned out. I really have some many random  photographs of my grandson that I really needed to tell the silly stories, so here comes – Do You Remember When? Fun colors that go easily with both girls and boys.  You can find this on sale for $1.00 each piece and on sale through Monday evening at my Pickleberrypop shop.

lauraburger_DYRW_elements_600 lauraburger_DYRW_pattern_600 lauraburger_DYRW_solid600

This will be bundle up when the sale ends on Monday at Pickleberrypop. And for some inspiration here are a few layouts from the team and myself.

Debbie laura lisa Tammy tracy

Hope you all keep the silly and fun memories on your pages. It makes for some interesting reading in the future. Enjoy your weekend and the balance of summer.



Birthdays at Pickleberrypop Means PU/CU Lolly Bags $5.00


Well when Pickleberrypop throws a party it is always fun and exciting to say the least and this year is no different. You will have to come check out the challenges, Lolly bags and more.


You wont want to miss this selection  you will find at my shop.  I will have 2 Personal Use kits that will ONLY be offered during Lolly Bag days which will last through the 10th. Each is at least a $12.00 value and are on sale! After the sale the PU will not be added to the shop.

Here are previews of the 2 Personal Use products.

2015_LollyBagPkg_600a copy 2015_LollyBagPkg_600 copy

So don’t miss out on these two.  And if CU product is your kind of things as you all know that it can be used for personal use also. I have 3 sets of items up for sale. Again at least $12.00 value for only $5.00 through the 10th.

2015_LollyBagPkg_600 copy 2015_LollyBagPkg_600a 2015_LollyBagPkg_600 copy 2

I hope you find a few things that you will enjoy during this Birthday celebration. I will be back with more goodies as the party gets to started!

It seems like summer just started and school in the area is already back to school and it won’t be long before Fall starts to approach. The year is going to so fast I can barely keep up with it. Enjoy your weekend and be safe so you can save all the memories.



Using Stitches On Layouts- Linda

Stitches can be used as anchors, to add dimension and structure,  as scatters, as borders and just finishing touches for layouts.  I absolutely love it when Laura includes stitches in her kits!  Stitches are my favorite element to add to my pages.  It’s like getting dressed up to go out and putting on your special jewelry, that’s what adding stitches is to me.

Here are some examples using stitches:

Using  “Autumn”

As Structure:

As Scatters: I used Laura’s Sweater Weather

As Borders:
Using “The World’s Best Dad”

As Finishing Touches: Using The Tie That Binds

What’s your favorite use of stitches and do you use them often?  Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.




Time sure flies when you’re having fun

Next year, my firstborn grandson will graduate from high school.  Legally an adult.  How in the heck is that possible?  Time sure flies when you’re having fun.
With the end of his junior year behind him, I have started thinking about what I will do for his senior yearbook ad next year.  I know, I know, I’m way early, but I like to think ahead!  He doesn’t have any clue that this has always been a tradition for me to do so the surprise will be fun.
I want to do a collage of school photos from his school years to show how he’s grown and changed.  I will have to do some digging and scanning for the early photos as I was a paper scrapper when he was little.  This might take awhile because I know I will get caught up in Memory Lane looking through the early albums filed with precious memories of him.
Here are his K through 5th grade pictures.  I have my job cut out for me to get all 12 grades on one yearbook size page, but the challenge will be fun.
For this layout I used Laura’s My Project September.  It’s a cute school kit with great school embellishments.  You can find this kit at PickleBerryPop.
I use this type of format for lots of layouts that I want to use comparisons, show progression, or repeated activities.  We go RV’ing at least once a month and I love to document where we have gone and even what we eat!  I’m crazy like that.  At Christmas, I take my favorite photo of each of the grandkids opening a gift and place that at the top of the page.  Below each child, I add journaling and other photos.  To see a 12×24 layout of all five grandkids across the top with all their presents or journaling is a treat to do and to share with family and friends.
Thanks for reading and I hope you have found some inspiration for a creation of your own.  ♥♥♥

WOO HOO! All About my Layout

WOO HOO! I finished my layout!! Now what??? My first step is to always save my layout in TIFF format so I can always go back and edit if necessary. It has happened, so don’t think, oh that will never happen! Sometimes mine has been a spelling error that someone on my team has so kindly pointed out (nobody’s perfect right!)or after closing my layout and walking a away for a day or two, I don’t like the way some of the papers play together or that one element is out of place.   So it’s an easy fix to pull up the layout from the tiff format and fix and re save! One of the first things I do after I’ve saved in Tiff is resize my layout to one I can post in my team area so that Laura can grab it to use in previews and such.

I usually resize to 600 X 600


So it magically resizes and now I’m ready to save it again! I usually save to my desktop so I can see what layouts I have to post for my team.   I also so in JPEG format here for ease of use for Laura and so I can now post it in my team folder for her to grab later.


Now comes the magic part in PS. When you’re ready to post to the web most galleries have a size limit, so in the past, I kept resizing and such to make it to the 250 mark (most common used size on the web). Then someone pointed me to this wonderful tool that PS has. It’s called Save for Web & Device.




As you can see my layout is at 274.9K so a tad bit too big for online galleries.   So I moved my quality to 77 and it made it 248K. I’ve figured out it always saves a smidge larger, so I try to keep it at 248K or 249Kotherwise the gallery has a fit and won’t allow it to upload and I have to resize it again! J When I save it, I usually add the end 250 so I know it’s the layout I want to use when I’m uploading! Hope this little tutorial has helped making scrapping easier in PS.