Time sure flies when you’re having fun

Next year, my firstborn grandson will graduate from high school.  Legally an adult.  How in the heck is that possible?  Time sure flies when you’re having fun.
With the end of his junior year behind him, I have started thinking about what I will do for his senior yearbook ad next year.  I know, I know, I’m way early, but I like to think ahead!  He doesn’t have any clue that this has always been a tradition for me to do so the surprise will be fun.
I want to do a collage of school photos from his school years to show how he’s grown and changed.  I will have to do some digging and scanning for the early photos as I was a paper scrapper when he was little.  This might take awhile because I know I will get caught up in Memory Lane looking through the early albums filed with precious memories of him.
Here are his K through 5th grade pictures.  I have my job cut out for me to get all 12 grades on one yearbook size page, but the challenge will be fun.
For this layout I used Laura’s My Project September.  It’s a cute school kit with great school embellishments.  You can find this kit at PickleBerryPop.
I use this type of format for lots of layouts that I want to use comparisons, show progression, or repeated activities.  We go RV’ing at least once a month and I love to document where we have gone and even what we eat!  I’m crazy like that.  At Christmas, I take my favorite photo of each of the grandkids opening a gift and place that at the top of the page.  Below each child, I add journaling and other photos.  To see a 12×24 layout of all five grandkids across the top with all their presents or journaling is a treat to do and to share with family and friends.
Thanks for reading and I hope you have found some inspiration for a creation of your own.  ♥♥♥

WOO HOO! All About my Layout

WOO HOO! I finished my layout!! Now what??? My first step is to always save my layout in TIFF format so I can always go back and edit if necessary. It has happened, so don’t think, oh that will never happen! Sometimes mine has been a spelling error that someone on my team has so kindly pointed out (nobody’s perfect right!)or after closing my layout and walking a away for a day or two, I don’t like the way some of the papers play together or that one element is out of place.   So it’s an easy fix to pull up the layout from the tiff format and fix and re save! One of the first things I do after I’ve saved in Tiff is resize my layout to one I can post in my team area so that Laura can grab it to use in previews and such.

I usually resize to 600 X 600


So it magically resizes and now I’m ready to save it again! I usually save to my desktop so I can see what layouts I have to post for my team.   I also so in JPEG format here for ease of use for Laura and so I can now post it in my team folder for her to grab later.


Now comes the magic part in PS. When you’re ready to post to the web most galleries have a size limit, so in the past, I kept resizing and such to make it to the 250 mark (most common used size on the web). Then someone pointed me to this wonderful tool that PS has. It’s called Save for Web & Device.




As you can see my layout is at 274.9K so a tad bit too big for online galleries.   So I moved my quality to 77 and it made it 248K. I’ve figured out it always saves a smidge larger, so I try to keep it at 248K or 249Kotherwise the gallery has a fit and won’t allow it to upload and I have to resize it again! J When I save it, I usually add the end 250 so I know it’s the layout I want to use when I’m uploading! Hope this little tutorial has helped making scrapping easier in PS.





The Joy Of Looking Out My Window

The Joy Of Looking Out My Window

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote— Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Before I retired last fall I always felt the stress of working full time. There just was never enough hours in the day to go around and I never took the time to enjoy the little things in life. Since retiring I have begun the journey of adopting the pace of nature. I started observing and recognizing the magical scenes of nature right outside my window.

We had put up bird feeders both our front and back yards in full view from our windows. The birds, and of course the squirrels, found them right away. Originally we thought we had found the perfect squirrel proof feeders. NOT! Never underestimate a hungry squirrel. We then found some better feeders that gave the squirrels more of a challenge to obtain the food. They can only get a very small amount at one time so that’s okay with me.

Our most common birds that visit us daily are the bluejays, cardinals, mockingbirds, brown thrasher, red bellied woodpecker, crows, doves and occasionally a little purple finch comes to visit. They’re so much fun to watch as they interact. I never knew the bluejay was so vocal. He can scream like a hawk and scatter other birds away from the feeders. The mockingbird loves to sit atop of the trees or bushes. He will sit for a long time just perched and singing away. He loves to mimic other birds. The cardinals in their majestic appearance love to sing also.

We’ve always had bird baths in the yard. The birds and squirrels love to stop and take a drink at any of them. The birds frequently hop on in, splash around then fly into the hedges or trees to do their drying off. Even the woodpecker now has gotten into the bath. He’s not a splasher but loves to hop in, duck under a bit, then hop on out. The crows use the baths to wash their food off. We have a larger fountain in the back yard that I’ll always find some remains of the berries left behind.

The squirrels are quite comical to watch. They chase each other around and scamper up and down our palms and hedges. They remind me of kittens at play. They’re fun to watch their antics getting onto the feeder trying to get the seeds. They get quite creative and hold onto the pole, stretch out as far as they can go, grab a sunflower out before their weight locks down the feeder. They scurry up the pole, twitch their tales in frustration, eat the sunflower and repeat.

Recently we’ve had a pair of mallard ducks visit our yard in the front most every day. My husband comes home from work (he’s not retired yet) and will ask if they’ve come today. I think my “pace” is starting to rub off on him! He’s now looking out the window more! Often the ducks come as a pair, but on occasion we will see one without the other. The female definitely rules the roost. The male will hang back a little watching her and what’s going on. If she walks off, he’s right behind her doing his protective role. They’ve gotten quite used to me being in the yard and will come if I walk out the front door. They stay a few feet away but it’s funny to watch them come a running if I call to them. We put a saucer of fresh water out for them that they love to come to to scoop up their drink.

I’ve been doing some photography lately and all our characters that come to visit our yard have become my models. You’ve seen some of them in my scrap pages I’ve done. It’s fun to sit outside now and try to capture them in their natural habitant. I’ve recently come off of “auto” shooting and beginning to use my new camera in the creative modes. It’s an adventure with patience and practice being the key. It’s part of my journey. I’m learning to stop and enjoy looking out my window.

I’d like to share with you one of my photos taken of a bluejay sitting in our grapefruit tree. He’s patiently posing for me. He was most cooperative (better than my family at times).

So remember, whatever makes you happy, take the time to enjoy the little things in life. It’s worth the effort.

Have a wonderful day and week.




Garden of Life -Pickle Barrel July Product – FWP on 6-Pack- $1.00 each on Singles

I adore this month’s Pickle Barrel color, so full of life and perfect summery colors.
For me, my garden of life is all about Life, Love and Friendship, that covers most of what I live, as I keep away from the negative as much as possible. These were fun colors to work with and I got the feeling I was trying to look for with all the unique elements.  Some of my favorites were in the chicken coop because it will fit in perfectly for Lucy and baby photographs, I have collected  and the colorful flowers and the fun bugs.
Make sure you check out the coordinating packages or get the 6Pack that includes the FWP add on elements. You can only find these products at Pickleberrypop shop and at this price during the sale, sales ends Monday night. Each of the single packages are $1.00 and the 6-package you get the free with purchase add on elements.


Here are the singles


lauraburger_GOL_grunge_preview lauraburger_GOL_pattern_preview lauraburger_GOL_scatters_preview

lauraburger_GOL_solid_preview lauraburger_GOL_scatters_preview

As for you can see a great assortment of different items you will come back to a whole new look in your layouts.

Here are  few of the layouts the ladies did using this product.

creative Team Layouts copy

Have a fabulous weekend.




Retirement Sale -Save 60%

I will start off with, I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend for those in the states and stay safe. As of this minute my 3 day weekend starts and I am very much looking forward to some peace and quiet as I have turned off the work phone and I get to sleep in :) But lets forget about me, lets talk talk about the retiring of a bunch of products at my Pickleberrypop shop! There is a ton of product that will be leaving on the 10th and retired so make sure to grab them before it is gone from the shop.

So here is a handful of product that is retiring and there is a ton more that I am not showing.

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So as you can see there is a little bit of everything. Sad to see them leave but gotta make room for all the new additions.

A few people asked if I would put Flip Flop back on sale – so I have done that so if you want please pick up as it will be going off sale after Monday.


Enjoy your weekend, make lots of memories and enjoy your family and friends.