April Pickle Barrel – Gyspy Soul – $1 product -FWP on 6-Pack

This months I think if you like artsy and masks you are going to love this product -Gyspy Soul

Okay, I know the word Gyspy is spelled wrong, no one needs to correct me – it’s the Gypsy in me that had to do it this way. It’s a little a little joke I have with a good friend and I did this one to honor her amazing soul. I love the flow the colors from the yellows through the blues and in the gray tones. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it.

You will only find at my Pickleberrypop shop and on sale $1.00 each or get the 6-pack with a FWP. This sales ends on Monday evening, so don’t miss out. Some of it will be bundles and others will go in as separates, so you can save big on this one.

PickleBarrelTemp 6-PackJGPlaura2

lauraburger_GyspySoul_elements_preview lauraburger_GyspySoul_border_preview lauraburger_GyspySoul_wordart lauraburger_GyspySoul_maskset1_preview grunge_preview solids_preview

Here are some of the wonderful layouts made by my Creative Team that comes through week after week.

creative Team Layouts copy

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, I am visit my ailing Step Father in San Diego right now and know that this precious time I will have with him is going to be special for him, myself and hubby and my Mom will enjoy this visit also. You never know what will happen from day to day and you need to enjoy each day to the fullest.




New in the shop – Charmed Artistry – Sale and Special Coupon

Hi everyone hope you are enjoying your Spring, I know we have lots of growth going on here. It is pretty but a lot of work. I welcome all the new people that have joined the newsletter and hope that I have something in this one that you enjoy to capture your memories.

First up you all know you can find my products at my Pickleberrypop shop. New into the shop this week is Charmed Artistry, this is in kit form and also a bundle. Both are on sale for a limited time.

I had so much fun using the colors in this kit and once it started to just flow the first thing that came to my mind was Charmed Artistry, it so pretty and has a bit of charm to it. I love the colors that flow from the creams, to the peach and greens with a bit of rust and teal. Whether you are doing a everyday project or a special layout, you will find yourself coming back to this one. And here is a coupon code that is good through next Thursday. It will give you an additional 25% on any order over $12.00. The code is NewsletterSave25.

lauraburger_CA_bundle_preview lauraburger_CA_kit_preview

Here are some amazing layouts by the Creative Team.

creative Team Layouts copy

Now if you read the post earlier this week the product Happy – Bundle is on sale also – so don’t miss this product while you are shopping.


Here are some layouts that using Happy Bundle.


Hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful weekend.



Fine Tuning Your Photography – Tracy

Hi, Tracy here:

Recently I have been taking a Photography class and recruited a mentor to develop my skills of photography.  I want my pages to not only share my stories of each of my family members but to show off their adventures in some great photos as well.
I wanted to share with you some of the notes that I took in one of my classes that I hope will help some of you to create that perfect photo.
The 10 Rules for Composition:
1.  Rule of Thirds:  draw an imaginary set of  3 lines in your screen of camera , put your focus in the points that meet.. not in the center.
2. Leading Lines, make sure you watch for lines and use them to your advantage to leading to your subject.  Use these to draw you into the scene.
Examples:  bleachers, railroad tracks, arms/legs, telephone poles, bridge or arches.
The lines should keep you going towards your image of interest
* combine your rules.. for example, the rule of thirds and leading lines.
3.  Symmetry:  balancing on each side.
4.  Creating Depth: Shoot through branches/bushes .  Put something between you and your subject.  Reflections, shadows.
5.  Colors:  gives a mood, you can do a lot of this in your editing as well.  Use reflection, look for light around your subject.   Use complimentary colors to enhance your subject.
6.  Viewpoint:  Where you shoot your image from or angle that you shoot.  This can effect the mood.
Kids:  shoot at their eye level, you should be down to their level for best photos.. so get on your knees or sit on the ground, even lay down on your stomach to get the best photos.
Change your viewpoint to see what looks best.
Shooting down on people brings their eyes up and stretches their face which makes them look better.
Use a wide angle lens with a bigger subject or a large group.  zoom in as much as possible, this will make them look even bigger and stretches to the edge of the frame.
Make your picture “different enough” or “interesting” to keep someone looking at your photo.
Ask yourself:  1. what is it that makes you want to shoot it.. their eyes?  the color?
Whatever it is then shoot that as your subject focus.
2.  What angle is going to make it look better.  Shoot a shot of 3 things,  1, wide, 2, tight, 3 medium.
Shoot in both portrait and landscape so that you have more to choose from.
#7: Framing:  Find things to frame to make your photo look different or complete.  This will keep your eye on the subject.  Use things like trees on each side of a lake…
#8: Balance:  Fill the photo with balance.  If your image isn’t in balance then put something in it to make it look more in balance.
#9:  Background:  This will make or break your photo.  Make sure that your background compliments the subject.
Watch for plants or trees or telephone poles etc .  Make sure they are not sticking out of the subject..don’t put a telephone pole out the top of their head :)
Look everywhere to make you background match the image.
Angle yourself to position for a better background.
If your background isn’t what you want, edit it and make it dark.
#10:  Simplify:  If you need..make it simpler …
Don’t use or make distracting backgrounds.. make it simpler.  This is more important than having a busy background.
White backdrops are great for food, and studios work better for these.
Even in landscape photos keeping them simple works better than busy ones.
Keep it Clean.
Get your subject in place then move everything possible out and away from it.
Your most important tip for today:
Keep your subject as the most important thing and get rid of as much as you can around it.
I hope these notes help you to start taking more effective photos for your pages.  Thanks for letting me share them with you today.

Let’s Get Happy – Happy Bundle on Sale Save 30%

CTM Lori here to share with you an amazing and gorgeous kit by Designs by Laura Burger. Before I get to the kit, I wanted to share with you a little something. I have always looked at and drooled over Laura Burgers designs. To me, she is an impeccable designer who offers a wonderful detail to all her kits. I scoured her store and found this beautiful kit and it just jumped off the screen and said “Pick Me… Pick Me.”

This kit I am writing about is the Happy Bundle. As I said above, this is a beautiful kit that just spoke to my heart. From the moment I saw it, it made me happy. It filled me with a sense of warmth and smiles. I especially love the papers because many of them have an artsy (to me anyway) feel. I love the colors and realized that you can layer so many of them together to give it an even more artsy look. Then there’s the elements. They have a soft and elegant feel to them, to make any scrapbook page, a true beauty. I especially love the umm… ok I can’t pick just one element that I love. I love them all. This kit doesn’t stop with just the elements and the papers. It also contains stamps, scatters and words. There are also other packs that coordinate with the Happy Bundle. There are also Artistic Templates and Artistic Masks.

You should go check out this amazing and gorgeous kit and the extra packs. I know you won’t regret it because a little birdie told me it was going to be on sale with my blog post. Here is the link for this amazing kit.

Below, is a layout I made using this product. I really did have a Happy time making this layout.


The bundle is on sale through the 17th and you can save 30%




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It’s April 1…and we all know what that means! It’s APRIL FOOL’S DAY! We love a good practical joke as much as anyone, but this newsletter is NO JOKE! We told you we had some amazing freebies for you, and we’re here to tell you how to get them! Here is the freebie I am giving away –


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