May Pickle Barrel – $1 each – Sale Through Monday -Happy Memorial Day

Well first in a very long time that I have not offered a 6pack. With family issues I was lucky to get as  much done as I did. I hope that you love it. It is dedicated to my Mom. And I have the perfect photo to use when I get some scrapbooking done. The colors are kind of bohemian in color. You can find at my shop here Pickleberrypop shop.

Here is what I have to offer this month – I hope you like it.

lauraburger_ICHM_elements_preview lauraburger_ICHM_grunge_preview lauraburger_ICHM_cardboard_preview lauraburger_ICHM_alphabets_preview lauraburger_ICHM_solids_preview

And here is a few layouts done by my Creative Team –

creative Team Layouts copy

Now on to the holiday that really means so very much to me. It is the celebration of the brave souls that fought for us to have freedom. Lives were lost for us and I hope that you take a moment to thank the ones you love or have loved for all there efforts. Its not all about the start of summer fun and BBQ’s. Though we will have some of that happening around here. Staying home to relax, get some racing watched and lots of yard work done. But with each activity I will be remembering my family members that help keep future generations safe.

Stay safe if you are traveling this weekend.

Happy Memorial Day



Getting More Out of Your Digital Stash – Ravelle

Digital kits are an investment, and like all investments you want the biggest return for your bucks. One of the things that I find makes a digital kit more versatile, is your ability to use the papers and elements over again. Many people recolor papers or elements to stretch their stash. You can also stretch your stash by using other add-ons in unique ways. For instance, in Laura Burger’s new kit, Destiny, she gives you these wonderful stamps.


Of course, the easiest thing you can do is to recolor them. Just open the stamp you like in Photoshop and choose a color. Add a new layer above your stamp (click on the sticky note icon or hit SHIFT+CTRL+N). Fill the layer with your desired color by hitting CTRL+Backspace. Then “clip” the color to the stamp (PSE: CTRL+G; PSCS: SHIFT+CTRL+G). (Tip: To match a color in your layout, select the eyedropper and then choose the color from the picture/element/paper.)


What about clipping a cool paper to the stamp, the same way. Just drag the paper above the stamp layer and clip it to the layer (PSE: CTRL+G; PSCS: SHIFT+CTRL+G).


Finally, what about creating a brush from the stamp. Make a selection around the stamp and select EDIT, and select Define Brush Preset in PSCS or Do Select > All (Ctrl-A). Then do Edit > Define Brush from selection in PSE. You will see the dialog shown here which asks you to provide a name for your brush. Let’s give it a more descriptive name than the one suggested like “Leaf Brush.” Now choose the paintbrush tool, (B in PSCS), and scroll to the end of the brushes palette. You’ll notice your new brush has been added to the end of the list for whatever brush set is active at the time. Now open a paper, here I used one of the solid green papers from Laura’s Destiny kit) then added a new layer (click on the sticky note icon or hit SHIFT+CTRL+N). Next click on the foreground color and choose a color you like and stamp your paper. You can use your bracket keys to make the brush bigger or smaller or open the brush palette box to rotate, change the angle or many other options. I always stamp on a new layer each time. Here I just kept changing the size and color and in some cases I reduced the opacity of the brush.  I hope you have fun playing around with all your kits and see if you can stretch your stash!


Hope this get your thinking cap on and how you do can stretch your products.



Genealogy Anyone? By Cindy B.

What is genealogy? Basically, it’s your family history. It’s the study of families and the tracing of their lineages using historical records, genetic analysis, and other documents to obtain information.

After my parents passed quite suddenly four years ago, I’ve been on a personal mission to gather as much information as I possibly can to preserve the past for my kids and future generations. I have tried to be as accurate as possible in my story telling and have interviewed as many surviving relatives as possible to gather those stories. I’m not an expert, but marrying this hobby with scrapbooking makes perfect sense. I know that my children appreciate reading the journaling about their ancestors. It makes them feel a little more connected to their roots.

My maternal grandmother and mother left me with countless photographs that all have a story to tell. Although I may not have all the stories, I still persevere to accurately date and label each one the best I can. If I can journal about them, I do and get them in my family history album that will hopefully be handed down with love from generation to generation.

Where do you start? The internet is a great place.

A few of my top sites are:

Family history sounds a little stuffy, and boring…but with all the products we have at our fingertips it can be fascinating and beautiful. Here are a few layouts that

I’ve done for my family album with Laura’s products to hopefully inspire you.

1 2 3 4.


Getting to Know Creative Team- Jan Fortiner


  • What was the last photo you took on your phone? And why? It was a CD jewel case. I belong to a music trivia quiz group on Facebook and was exchanging PMs with the person who posted the trivia questions. I was backing up my answers and revealing that I was kinda cheating.
  • Have you ever pulled over by the police? And what for? Yes, twice. Both times for running a red light. I got a warning the first time and a HUGE ticket the second time. That one was a judgment call – it was really icy that night, I was on my way to work and was entering the intersection as the light went yellow. Did I hit the brakes and probably slide through the intersection anyway, maybe hitting something in the process, or keep going? I guessed wrong.
  • What have you always wanted? And did you get it? I wanted to go to Ireland in the worst way, and finally last May, I went. It was everything I expected and more.
  • What’s the strangest prank call you have ever made? And how long ago was this done? I’ve never made a prank call. But I did send my daughter a prank text last summer asking her if I could wear leopard print to her wedding. It took her about 3 nanoseconds to reply.
  • What are your strongest strengths and weakness? I don’t panic no matter how serious a situation might be, which is a good character trait for a pediatric ICU nurse. But I tend to be my own worst critic.
  • If you could personally witness  one thing, what would that be? I would love to be present at the birth of a grandchild. I had general anaesthetics for all of my own deliveries (3 crash C-sections!) so witnessing the arrival of a new family member would be the ultimate experience.
  • What keys on your computer keyboard don’t use you? Seems like everybody else has said the function keys, but for me it’s the caps lock.
  • What cheers you up? Until February 7/15 it was it was going for a brisk walk or working in the yard with my little dog Bailey. Now I have to find a new mood elevator.
  • What was the first thing you really thought about after you woke up today? The very first thing was, “Why the heck am I awake NOW (3:30 am)? I’m going to be exhausted by the end of my shift.”
  • What is the longest you have gone without sleep? And why? 40 hours, the day my son had his liver transplant. It started with getting up at 6:30 am on the Monday and spending the day in his hospital room, a mad dash home to pack, an air ambulance flight, 2 road ambulance rides, 8 hours in the waiting room while he was in the OR and then another several hours sitting with him in the PICU before finally crawling into bed at Ronald McDonald House.
  • Who is your hero and why are they your hero? My son is my hero. No matter what life has thrown at him, he just keeps swinging. He’s the happiest person I know and isn’t bothered by his limitations.
  • Give your best Knock knock Joke!! Before his transplant my son was king of the knock know joke. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Convex. Convex who? Convex go to prison.
  • If you were lucky enough to retire tomorrow, what would you be doing  in a week’s time? Getting on a plane to go back to Ireland.
  • If you had to be trapped In a TV show for a month, what show would it be and why? Genealogy Roadshow! I’ve been researching my family history for about 15 years and know I could learn a whole lot more if I had their resources.
  • If you could make the sky any color what would it be? That really deep blue that it turns as the sunset fades away.
  • “Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are. Oh, probably about 19.
  • How many hours in a day are you on your computer for fun? On my days off, about 4. On work days, I’m lucky to read my email. (I get lots of email.)
  • If you were a dog what would you want your name to be? Darby
  • Do you think some people are mind readers? I do think there are people who are very perceptive and intuitive, who can pick up on people’s thoughts by observing body language and facial expressions.
  • Hoarder or have little belongings? I’m a hoarder all the way! You never know when you might need that again…
  • If you could ask Laura Burger any question right this minute what would it be? Coke or Pepsi? It would be Coke though I rarely drink soft drinks at all.



Monday is Last Day for 50% off Store and Daily Deals – New CU in Shop

Well it has been a long weekend I am sure for you all with all the sales that are going on! But Monday midnight will be the last day for our sale at my Pickleberrypop shop. All new Commercial Use have been added to the Daily Treats. Each is $2.00. And forget all the daily deals since day 1 are still available.

New Commercial Use

lauraburger_shabtexture_set1_preview lauraburger_shabtexture_set2_preview

Still available :

lauraburger_LITM_preview lauraburger_LITM_add_preview lauraburger_LITM_wordart_preview

lauraburger_eclecticgrungeset3_preview lauraburger_Swing_preview

Grab them before they are gone! If you spent out I will be back mid May with new products!

Make the most of everyday, you never know what is right around the corner.